Laura Richardson - Florida Licensed Master Barber of 23 years

Laura was schooled in the art of traditional barbering and mentored by a master barber for five years following school. She has been barbering since 1993 and has earned the title of Master Barber in her trade. If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place: The Hair Company of Dunedin in the coastal community of Dunedin Florida.
Master Barber Skills.

Barbering in its most simplistic form, a master barber on duty, good conversation and a little music whiffing above the sound of clippers.

Beyond atmosphere what really makes a barbershop is the barbers. So here is a little education on what it takes to be a master barber. First off, it needs to be said that barbers are not cosmetologist, nor are cosmetologist barbers. Barbering is a degree of its own requiring 1500 hours of schooling before an extensive state exam. The main focus of education for a barber is the cut. Once the cut is mastered, years of experience nurture the intuitive reflex that only talented barbers will acquire in their careers to perform intricate scissor and razor cutting.

Master barbers are in an elite group of cutters who have over 15 years behind the chair. They are true masters of their craft. It is told that once a person sits in the chair of a master barber, they become a client for life. A master barber skillfully shapes the cut to fit the client’s head. This isn’t to say a client doesn’t chose their own style, it simply means whatever style a client chooses will be mastered to their features creating the best quality cut. Precision flat tops, fades and other craftsmanship of men’s hair cutting is a constant evolution of the basics mixed with a little updated piazza. All of this is routine for the master barber and is why they are always a cut above the rest.

Another talent of the master barber is the ability to use a straightedge razor without incident. This is no small feat. The straight-edge talent also comes in handily for around the nape of the neck, ears and the occasional all over head-shave. Who better qualified to wield the blade than someone with the experience of the master barber?